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Steve Burrows

Not just bad for rural consumers John, but bad for the UK economy - full stop. Mobile workers, Rural Enterprises, Internet of Things - how are these to flourish without decent connectivity / digital enablement.

Living out in the stick on the Isle of Man I am accustomed to seeing 100Mbps+ download speeds on 4G - the island has "95% coverage" and 40Mbps fixed-line broadband (80Mbps coming in 3 months). The UK needs to get togrips with the reality that comms infrastructure is a matter of national strategy, no different to roads / transport (OK, so they don't do that well either). Telecom licenses need to come with responsibilities, might be time to go the same way as the Electricity Deregulation in 1998 - a different competition model but one in which, for all its many flaws, every customer gets served and energy businesses make money.

Best wishes, Steve

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