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US military spending is many times higher than anyone elses.
2000x higher or 2000% higher, either way, it’s a world of difference.
Think about it:
The US shares only two borders (Canada and Mexico) while China has 14 shared borders.
China’s military spending is dwarfed by US spending in spite of the fact that China is flowing with wealth and the US is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.
In spite of these realities, the US defense spending is approximately 2300% more per person. Feel free to check my math.
While the US pursues hegemony militarily (US military installations are thoroughly spread across the globe) and is in a constant state of aggression, China’s military has not fired a shot in decades. Yet, for lack of credible threats, the US declares that China is the one that is dangerous. Isn’t it the other way around?
When it comes to cyber security, the US replays the same tune, “as God-ordained guardians of civilization, it’s up to us to stop those insidious Chinese”
The people who run America depend on scare tactics to justify constantly channeling hundreds of billions of tax dollars into the military machine. If they can’t maintain the mythology of “America under threat”, there will be no way to justify the ungodly costs of the war machine, the CIA ops, the secret prisons, and PRISM.


this issue abt the huawei makes me wonder, is the US worried that huawei could put bugged devices/technology on the market to spy on the public(please am NOT saying nor implying that it does) like it "could be doing already"?.


Don't worry about the US market, then. Focus elsewhere.

John Suffolk

Dear Mikey thank you for the comment.

You are right about the maths, that's why I sourced the figure from another article. I agree with you, based on the numbers more like 24 times.

Best wishes



Apparently you can't do math.

You claim the US spends 6 times more on defense than China and 2000 times more per person.

But China has 4 times the US population so if the US spends 6 times more on defense then that is only 24 times more per person.

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