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MIchael Smethurst

Hopring you will be able to post soon with reflections on impacts and implications of the Spending Review.

John Suffolk

Philippa thank you for your posting. We have left the decision on whether departments should submit an exception request to the discretion of every department. Given that you are working to March 2013 I wonder if the department is taking a view that this decision does not need to be taken in advance of the completion of the spending review. If you believe that a decision needs to be taken question you should escalate your concerns to your manager/ SRO of the project.

Best wishes


Philippa Bradley

I have experienced a halt to a procurement which will certainly provide substantial savings to government and the delay is putting at risk a third of civil service salary payments post March 2013. How can the exceptions process be "fast-tracked" as it is apparent that civil servants are reluctant to make the case for an exception to this moratorium even with a very solid case.


Frankly these guidelines should have been implemented years ago.


Nice to see you back on line. Support the sensible approach to reviewing g the applicability of certain ICT projects; still have concerns about future ICT procurement strategy and the procurement bodies. Not sure if Public Sector and Suppliers are fully aligned in truth. Never the less an exciting time for all and one which needs to met with innovation, enthusiasm and commitment.

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