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Bryan Glick

If anyone would like to watch John talking about his session at the CW500 Club and G-cloud, you can see the Computer Weekly video interview here:


Thanks for the mention John, glad you enjoyed the event too.

Bryan Glick, editor in chief, Computer Weekly

Govind Sharma

ICT Strategy and Research initiative are a welcome move.

However, in absence of specifics, or a clear implementation plan along with an allocated funding for developing such solutions, the dream may not fully become a reality.

For instance even something simple like virtualization which is inherent to cloud can actually increase costs as the savings are limited to new procurements only, and anything to do with the old technologies will involve cost of virtualization, hence any projected savings may not be achievable in the timescales (except in wooden dollars).

Moving to SaaS from IaaS, the SaaS in absence of a PaaS strategy and emphasis on true multi-tenancy applications and deployment environments, will not have enough efficiencies as the race will be to virtualize solutions and host them on the cloud and be cloud ready, in turn creating a number of additional environments requiring increase skilled resources to manage them all.

However, apps.gov like initiative with a chosen technology platform starting with utility computing does seem to have a chance of succeeding, with a potential of enabling next generation appfabric like integrated applications which can, not only deliver what PM mentioned in the speech for citizen centered services, but will also contribute commercially with increased fraud protection saving leaks of government resources, in turn doing justice to the tax payer and savings extending beyond the IT spend.

The question is "Which way will the wind blow?"

Mick Phythian

Hi John

Now insn't that interesting! Following the PM's speech I emailed the LCIO circuit, including a couple of your colleagues and wondered how this would be achieved, when it's failed for 10 years. I also asked how it fitted in with your ICT Strategy but presumably you have no idea either (yet)...

We live in very interesting times!

Mick http://greatemancipator.com

Diarmaid Lynch

Hi John,

Thought I'd drop you a note to let you know we've just released the video-on-demand archive from the National Digital Inclusion Conference (streamed live online earlier in the month):

The event featured Digital Inclusion presentations from both Gordon Brown & Martha Lane Fox.

As well as cross-party presentations from: Stephen Timms, Jeremy Hunt, Jim Knight, Ed Vaizey, Alun Michael, Lembit Opik and Nick Clegg.

Full video archive available here:

Diarmaid Lynch

Tony Hirst

A version of the PM's presentation annotated by the Twitter backchannel captured at the time can be found here:

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