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Dane Wright

Could we have the minutes please? No obvious sign of them on www.cabinet-office.gov.uk.

John Suffolk

Hi Brian, someone said "lead and others will follow", there is of course the risk that when you turn around there is no one there!

It would be foolish to assume that any strategy can be a one size fits all. For some there will be a compelling logic for them to stay on their own infrastructure, we should be challenging but not reckless. For others they will think they have a compelling reason, where in reality they do not. We should challenge, support, explain and be passionate about the alternative option so they follow willingly... Some will and some will not.

However words are easy. As you may know many public bodies are independent of central government and Ministers, they have the ability, and desire, to make their own decisions. It will be for the policy and lawmakers to determine if they wish to change this position, or leave it as it is.


Good luck with the Met Office and CRU!

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