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Personal blog of The President of Cyber Security & Privacy at Huawei and former UK Government CIO and CISO (2006-2011) - Personal Thoughts


What can I say... Well I have been a CIO twice, a Customer Services Director, an Operations Director and a Managing Director of a large financial services business. I have run marketing functions as well as all sales channels. I have been through 27 mergers and acquisitions, some quite small, and some quite large. I have run my own turnaround business working with organisations to bring them back from the brink. I have done large scale transformation for both the private sector and the public sector (multi billion).

I have been the lead transformation director, transforming the UK justice system, the first official UK Government CIO and CISO and I am currently a global adviser to the World Bank and an adviser to a number of high tech companies.

I am also a professionally trained executive performance coach helping others achieve their business and personal objectives. Oh, and have I made some mistakes along the bet, cringingly so.