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If you want a different perspective on IT in the public sector, try this article from The Systems Thinking Review:


Peter Barton

I would like to add to the discussion by referring, if a little obliquely, to the cost, value (are they connected?) and governance of the most publicly visible sign of IT and that is the public sector web sites.
I have been blogging on the relative cost and value of public sector web sites in a blog called “let’s turn off the web”. You can find it here…


That article has been followed up by a relevant question which is “Who runs your web site?”

These articles go to the discussion on relation to revising our offering dependant on what the client wants. And what that revision, or perhaps re-centring, of our offering, can deliver in better service ( and there is the key – it’s not about what we can do. It is about what the client wants) and lower cost contact costs.

Simon Taylor

John, you always start with some statistics, you either make them up, like numbers or are a little sad, as you actually like to use data to start an argument (not literally).

Why have you posed such a stupid question? We all had a good laugh in the office. Currently the office consists of some local authority people, a few people from trusts, 2 school teachers and a fire service rep. We are all working on a project...

Our view is that you know the current answer and that answer is you (or anyone else in central government) can't tell us what to do. We know you have never tried to...

We read all these so called experts trying to say they will “transform public services”, “realign public services”, “make them more citizen centric” blah blah blah. It would be good if they joined us for a week to see just what we do.

So what’s the next question?

Simon and Team on the sunny coast

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